Nail Salon
Nail Enhancements
Silk ~ full set      
Silk ~ fill                             25
Gel ~ full set                        35
Gel ~ fill                              25
Pink & White ~ full set         40
Pink & White ~ fill   
Acrylic ~ full set                  28 up
Acrylic ~ fill                        20 up
Removal                             10 up
Additional Treatments
Mani or Pedi                    5

“Dipless” Paraffin
 Hands or Feet             8
 Both                          14
Sugar Scrub                    5
Callus Softener                5
Manicure                  15
Pedicure                   2
Mani/Pedi                 3
Little Missy        Under 7                
On Hands             10
On Feet                15
Polish Change
On Hands             10
On Feet                12
Shellac Manicure      27
Shellac Pedicure       39
Nail Care
Pamper yourself with a basic manicure or pedicure that includes nail trim, shape, cuticle refinement, and smoothing
rough skin. Next, take pleasure in a mini hand or foot massage, followed by a warm towel wrap. Your nails will then
be treated to a high gloss buff or a precise polish application for a finished presentation.

Naveana offers a colorful assortment of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde Free nail polish which you can select

In addition, we offer Shellac, a hybrid nail polish, which is shiny and polished. Enjoy a Shellac manicure that resists chipping
and peeling, for up to 2 weeks.

As we dispose of files and buffers after a single use, please let us know if you would like to keep the nail care product used on
your nails.