Pedicure Treatments

Delightfully Fruity                37
Introduce your feet to a delicious mix of fruity sensations with this treatment.
First immerse and cleanse your
feet in a simulating citrus soak with lemon and lime slices, followed by a
strawberry flavored sugar scrub that
will awaken your senses. Then indulge yourself with a tranquil massage w
ith a fragrant pomegranate lime lotion
that will relieve your tension. End your pedicure
with your toes polished to a Delightfully Fruity perfection.

Pleasing Peppermint                37
Revive tired feet with our Pleasing Peppermint treatment. Your feet will soak in a warm and refreshing
peppermint and tea tree scented
bath, surrounded by mint leaves to soften the skin, followed by an exfoliating
lime zest scrub that stimulates circulation as well
as removes dead skin cells from your feet. Seal your new skin
with a creamy shea butter massage, completing
your treatment with a fresh coat of nail polish of your choice.

Soothing Milk Bath                43        
Feel the soft cleansing action when you bathe your feet in a warm milky soak, with almond essential oil and rose
buds. Then enjoy a gentle exfoliation with a coconut or honey sugar scrub that leaves your skin with a rich,
supple glow. Next, body butter will be applied, leaving skin replenished and vibrantly conditioned. Your feet will
also experience a ‘dipless’ paraffin treatment intended to moisturize and soften the skin. Choose an excellent
quality nail color polish to apply after this Soothing Milk Bath treatment.
                                                                    Nail Salon
Naveana Treatments
Indulge yourself with a soothing Naveana manicure or pedicure treatment, or both. First experience a soothing
soak that nourishes and conditions your nails. For each pedicure treatment, your feet will be submerged in a
copper bowl that has scented sea salts and essential oils to help soften your skin and rejuvenate your senses. Your
nails will be trimmed, shaped and buffed, followed by cuticle care. A light callus treatment is also offered. With
your choice of treatment, you can enjoy a gentle sugar scrub exfoliation to restore skin to its natural beauty. Also
take pleasure in a rich moisturizing lotion massage. Complete your treatment with your nail polish preference, or
an all natural buff.

Manicure Treatments

Pink & Purple                25        
Begin hydrating and softening dried hands with a warm, fragrant lavender oil soak. A pink grapefruit sugar scrub
is then applied to the hands for a gentle exfoliation, followed by a relaxing massage with luscious lavender lotion
that contains papaya enzymes for healthy skin. After this serene Pink & Purple treatment, your nails will be
expertly polished with a lacquer of your choice.

Fruity Smoothie                 25        
Relax your hands in a warm milk soak with a hi
nt of vanilla essential oil. Next, experience a sweet strawberry
sugar scrub to revitalize your skin. The softness
of your hands will be sealed with an exotic pineapple body butter
lotion. Choose a cheerful fruity nail color to
complete this Fruity Smoothie sensation.

All Natural Sensation                30
Enjoy the soothing effects from a hand soak warmed with all natural olive oil, sprinkled with dried yellow flower
petals. Restore your skin to its supple softness with a rich, unscented body butter massage. If preferred, your
massage lotion can be lightly scented with almond or vanilla essential oil. Seal in moisture for your hands with a
‘dipless’ paraffin treatment. Finish your All Natural Sensation with a high gloss natural buff, or your choice of
polish color for your nails.